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Personnel Shoots are fun

Published: 14 May 2015

A surge of personnel work in the North West

Personnel shoots rank high in my favourite lines of work. Why? Well because you meet interesting people and I find it fascinating to discover how people end up in particular jobs and what these may entail. So last week it was a graduates programme for a multi-national logistics company, then a models shoot for portfolios and this week I was on the road with tanker drivers delivering to motorway service stations. I'm glad to report the growing trend of a more considered way in which my clients are treating personnel photography and are going for the more engaged 'at work' look. We have a nice set-up for this. It delivers great results where the individuals can relax just as themselves with no worries about performing for the camera. It's also highly efficient on time and allows me to get a know each one for a short spell of time. The results speak for themselves.