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Personnel shoot for Hoyer Petrolog UK

Published: 01 May 2015

The office shoot was great but playing with the trucks was better

I really do think I'm blessed with my chosen profession. As a commercial photographer it's a fantastic opportunity to take a close look at the activities and businesses that keep our world turning. It's the people and characters that I enjoy meeting. John here gave me the run down on how petrol is delivered to our forecourts. I figured it was a hugely risky operation but he took me through all the safety procedures and I soon discovered it wasn't just a case of connecting a hose and turning on the tap. The tankers are highly complex state of the art engineering and the drivers ain't just drivers. Hoyer are a global player and put safety at the top of their agenda. It was plain to see how well this was displayed in my fairly short visit to their yard. I'm hoping for a trip in a truck before too long!