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Bluebells lake district
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Lake District Bluebells

Published: 06 May 2015

A hiking and running shoot in local woodlands

I've shot in these woodlands near Witherslack before but it has to be said this is not one of the best bluebell years in the Lake District. Last year was awesome with a full carpet of blue and a scent that blew your socks off. Still, they are pretty enough and did fine for our short stock shoot where we covered running as well as hiking. Okay, not very hardcore but there's always demand for this easy going seasonal subject and it was great working with a young outdoor enthusiast who appreciated the flora as much as me. From a technical standpoint I still marvel at Canon's Servo function to carefully manage the focus on a subject moving away or towards you. To think that 30 years ago one pre-focused the lens at some mark on the ground and when the model passed it you might get 2 to 3 shots off at best. Now the camera tracks the subject and you can shoot for as long as you want. Thanks to Lowe Alpine for the loan of the outdoor kit. The pack colour was a random choice at the time but worked prefectly. Same thanks to Puma for their running kit. Another winning combination.