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Cumbria Armed Response
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I’m back folks

Published: 08 Dec 2015

Belated news updates start here

For the observant it will be noted this is my first news update since May. No, I haven't dropped off the side of the earth, I've just been too busy. So the plan is to play catch up. Apologies that news mostly means history but I'm intending to catch up.

First off is a quick PR shoot for The Association for the Independence of Disabled People, run by the lovely Ruth Adorian pictured here. All of Cumbria's emergency services have supported her and on this particular day it was the turn of Cumbria Constabulary who volunteered a couple of officers. It was always going to be a shoot in the peaceful countryside just along the road from Ruth's house near Windermere so I was a bit puzzled by an armed response unit rocking up. It all seemed a bit discordant having sweet Ruth surround by all this deadly firepower.

Anyhow, it was a sunny day, everyone was happy and I was the only one to fire a shot.