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Corporate Video for Senvion

Published: 18 Dec 2015

Celebrating 10 years

June 23rd. The weather window arrived and I was all set for a great evening shooting the Armistead Wind Farm. The access gates would be left unlocked they told me. Well that was never passed on and I was shut out. The evening was perfect. A clear sky with a nice breeze, essential for footage of turbines as static blades are a no no. There was no option, I would have to hike it carting in 2 tripods, a one metre slider plus an enormous camera bag and not forgetting water, food and windproofs. 1km in and the first turbine came to view reflected in a nice pond. I would need to remove a camera bracket to work the slider and guess what? The allen key set is in the other bag. The one left in the truck!

Do clients really appreciate the lengths we go to nail the shot? I must have walked 8km carrying nearly my own body weight in gear. By nightfall I was totally shattered but safe in the knowledge that I had all the footage I needed. Conditions were perfect. Carpe Diem.

Senvion 10 Year Anniversary Video